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The meandering ways of Sir Bedevere the Wise

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This is the blog of a team that competes in the annual ICFP programming contest


ICFP 2009 Posted on Sun, June 28, 2009 22:51:25

Not much progress today. We discovered that our submissions could fail verification although they worked in our simulator. It turned out to be a small bug in the VM which was really hard to track down. Now it is ok again, and the detection of elliptic orbits also seems to work. Hopefully most things are in place to attack the Eccentric Meet and Greet problems.

Rendez-vous is working!

ICFP 2009 Posted on Sun, June 28, 2009 01:55:30

Yay! We got the 2001-2004 scenarios working. New score: 1000.1324, currently place 44. Not too shabby..